Ecophon workshop

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This event is in the past
Nov. 24, 2014, 4:50 p.m.


Ecophon workshop

24-28 November - Helsingborg (Sweden)

The intention of this workshop is to give training in psychology, memory, learning, noise and acoustics.

Day 1 – Tuesday Nov 25th

  • Basics of sound and acoustics (Ecophon)

- History of room acoustics: Sabine etc.

- Acoustic fundamentals

- Hearing, basics

  • Acoustics cont. (Ecophon)

Day 2 – Wednesday Nov 26th

  • Room acoustic comfort, RAC (Ecophon)

- RAC (human qualities and acoustics measures etc.)

- Listening tests

- Room acoustic measurements

  • Visit to a school with acoustics treatment

Day 3 – Thursday Nov 27th

  • What you need to think about regarding room acoustics (Ecophon)

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