Webinar 1 - Interview with Astrid van Wieringen

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This event is in the past
March 26, 2015, 9 a.m.


Interview with Astrid van Wieringen

26th March 2015 - Moderator: Florian Pausch


1. Astrid as a researcher

a. What is your scientific background?
b. Which residences were the mostimportant ones as a visiting researcher?
c. What are your current research projectsat expORL? Please introduce your research team including the fields ofresearch?
d. When did you have the idea to designthe iCARE project? What are your personal concerns related to this project? Howlong did you prepare the proposal? What were the most tricky parts of thisprocess?
e. How is the iCARE project related toothers of your research projects? Are there similar projects that can becompared to this project?

2. Astrid as the coordinator of the iCARE project

a. What are your responsibilities in theiCARE project?
b. Why is the training/network aspect(ITN) important for the research fellows?
c. What do you expect from the researchfellows on a personal level / professional level?
d. What are the specific challenges inthis project (auditory rehabilitation field, WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4)?
e. What would be the reasons to classifythe project as successful in the end?
f. What do you think will be achieved throughthe iCARE project?

3. Astrid’s future plans

a. What are your professional futureplans?
b. Do you plan to make proposals forsimilar projects in this form and dimension?
c. Whatare the plans for the iCARE community after the project is finished?
d. Whatare your further research plans on auditory rehabilitation?

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