Winter School 2015

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This event is in the past
Feb. 11, 2015, 4:47 p.m.


Winter school

11-14 February - Thessaloniki (Greece) - University of Macedonia (UOM)

The intention of this winter school is to give an annual network-wide training

Day 1 – Wednesday February 11th

  • 15' presentations by the fellows
Introduction by Astrid van Wieringen

Tobias Busch, Cochlear
The language environment of children with cochlear implants + slides
Douglas MacCutcheon, UCL
Auditory processing and language in children with mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss + slides
Anouk Sangen, KU Leuven
Children with unilateral hearing loss + slides
Yasmeen Hamza, UOM
Speech perception in children with profond hearing loss, rehabilitated with cochlear implants + slides
Cristina Palmero, Noldus
New system to determine quality of communication + slides
Florian Pausch, RWTH
Development of realistic test procedures for children with hearing impairment + slides
Katharina Voght, RUN
Auditory scene analysis in hearing impaired children + slides
Elina Pekkola, GAVLE
Classroom acoustics and normal hearing children + slides
Michaela Socher, LiU
Intervention for children with cochlear implants + slides
Benson Hsu, Cochlear
Listening effort in school-age children + slides
Lina Xue, KU Leuven
Learn with, from and about each other + slides

Day 2 – Thursday February 12th

Day 3 – Friday February 13th

Day 4 – Saturday February 14th

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