Webinar 4 - Fellows' presentations (part 2/3)

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Oct. 21, 2015, 1:30 p.m.


Research Presentations

21th October 2015 - Moderators: Yasmeen Hamza & Anouk Sangen

Benson Hsu - Measuring reaction time

The dual-task design used in my current listening effort research was inspired by Picou & Ricketts (2014).

However, the shortest mean reaction time (RT) derived my data (about 790 ms) was significantly higher than the equivalent value reported in Picou & Ricketts’ paper (about 450 ms). To address this issue, I inspected several aspects of my own study that potentially had an impact on RT measurements. During this iCARE webinar, I will talk briefly about a few of these relevant technical and experimental factors as well as to present a comparison of shortest RTs from a number of studies employing similar behavioural techniques as mine.

Douglas MacCutcheon - Auditory processing and language

The overall aims of Study 1, 2 and 3 will be introduced. Study 1 (ongoing) will be outlined and the relevant theories on which the project is based will be described. Preliminary findings will be presented in relation to findings data from the study by Halliday, Tuomainen and Rosen (under review) currently being replicated. Problems encountered during the course of this research will be discussed as well as possible solutions.

Michaela Socher - Executive function

I decided to not talk about my research, but about a literature review I wrote during the last months. The topic is: Executive Functions. The term Executive Functions is usually used for a variety of abilities which we need to control our thoughts and behavior. There is still an ongoing debate about which abilities are in fact Executive Functions and how does abilities are connected to each other. Additional questions are how Executive Functions develop during childhood and if and how they decline during aging. Furthermore a growing body of research examines if and how hearing impairment influences Executive Function and vice versa. During my talk I am going to talk about the history and the different definitions of Executive Function, the development and decline of those abilities, the connection between hearing loss and Executive function and furthermore about the possibility to train Executive Functions.
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