Opening FNWI Videostudio

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This event is in the past
April 20, 2016, 4 p.m.


Lecturers at the Faculty of Science often use video in their courses. Many use video as additional teaching material. Some lecturers ""flip their lectures"", letting their students to prepare before the lecture using video clips and transform the traditional lecture to a highly interactive learning experience. The existing video material on the internet can be very useful for education but to keep the course integral often own video clips need to be made.

The FNWI videostudio brings the equipment and support needed together at one place. This way anybody can quickly make a good quality video.

We are happy to announce the:

Opening FNWI Videostudio

April 20, 4 pm., Science park room A1.30

Everybody welcome!

During the opening there will be plenty opportunity to record videos and to experiment with different settings for this.

Thanks to Grassroots programme the support is organized in 2016 and the assistance will be given to the lecturers who wish to make videos. The ambition of the project is to inspire a substantial number of Faculty of Science lecturers to make their first videos for their courses.

Opening FNWI Videostudio on April 20, 2016

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