Digital assessment - BKO workshop

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This event is in the past
July 1, 2016, 3 p.m.


Target group

  • lecturers who teach in a course that has a pen and paper exam and who consider to design a digital assessment
  • participants of University Teaching Qualification program (BKO)
  • lecturers who have already finished BKO

Registration (required): follow link
Workshop leaders: Natasa Brouwer and Michiel van Geloven

Requested pre-knowledge

  • some knowledge about assessment design
  • how to define learning outcomes
  • constructive alignment

Central questions of this workshop

  • How can digital assessment make your course more flexible and more efficient?
  • How can you use digital formative assessment to stimulate and support active learning in your course?
  • What are the differences in designing questions when the assessment is digital?
  • Which practical issues you need to take into account if you wish to organize a digital exam in one of the UvA digital exam rooms?

Intended learning outcomes of the workshop

Participants can:

  1. describe the added value that digital assessment can have in different stages of the assessment process (assessment cycle).
  2. make a relevant choice about: ""to assess or not to assess digital""
  3. select a suitable digital question type to design a test question
  4. (re)design an assessment online (conceptually)
    Note: in this workshop the participants will not learn how to work with assessment tools.

The workshop will be given as Flipped classroom which means that the participants need to do some preparation work before the workshop and actively use their own course material during the workshop. The preparation (assignments) costs a participant about one hour.


  1. Watch a short UvA promotion video about digital assessment (it is in Dutch). /informat...
  2. Think about two properties of digital assessment that could be beneficial for the courses in which you teach. Note that this can be in different stages of the assessment cyclus. Think about (different) problems that you confront with your pen and paper tests.
    For the explanation of the terminology that is often used by digital assessment users you could use the SURF publication ""Begrippenkader voor digitaal toetsen""
    or visit the HvA extensive page on Digital assessment:
  3. Choose an assessment (e.g. last exam of the course in which you teach) that is now taken on paper.
    Please send it to Natasa ( as soon as possible and not later than Monday June 27. In the case that you have a table of specification (toetsmatrijs) for this assessment, would you please send it, too? A part it will be put online for you to (continue) work with it during the workshop.
  4. Take a look in ""See also"" on this page in Starfish and visit Plaza digital assessment. Explore the UvA possibilities of assessment tools /informat...
  5. Do you have a specific question which you would like to get attention at this workshop? Let us know as soon as possible!


  • Opening, acquaintance, expectations
  • An overview of possibilities of digital assessment for formative and summative assessments
  • Short break
  • Hands on in small groups: (re)design one digital question for your assessment (please bring your laptop with you)
  • Presentation of designs and discussion
  • Possible continuation needs
  • Closing

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