Flipped classroom (Blended learning) - BKO workshop (2017-2018)

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This event is in the past
Nov. 21, 2017, 3 p.m.


How can education technology be used to activate students for learning? Which teaching methods can stimulate critical thinking in large groups of students and can help each individual student to reach deep understanding? There are many different ICT tools available. How to make a relevant choice that fits your course best?

In this workshop two effective Blended learning designs will be discussed from the teaching practice perspective: flipped classroom (see 7 things you should know about Flipped Classroom) and peer-instruction. There will be practical information about the availability of the facilities and tool to implement Blended learning at our faculty: voting systems, knowledge clips production.

This two hours workshop will be given in the form of flipped classroom. The participants need to make an assignment before the workshop (to work out the assignment about 1 hours is needed). The assignment will be sent to the participants per e-mail.



The workshop Technology enhanced interactive teaching (Flipped classroom) - BKO workshop is part of the Faculty of Science BKO programme since 2013.
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