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European Chemistry Thematic Network

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ECTN is a network of over 150 institutions, mainly university chemistry departments but also some National Chemistry Societies, from all Member States of the European Union, and some other European countries. It has also several associated member institutions from outside Europe.

The ECTN was founded in 1996 and is funded by the European Commission as a part of Erasmus programme. The two major tasks of Thematic Networks in this programme have been:

  • the mapping, enhancing and disseminating of good practice in higher education throughout Europe,
  • facilitating Europe co-operation. An Association, the ECTN Association, was established in 2003, as one of the outcomes of the 7 years of activity of the ECTN.

ECTN has created numerous expert European groups working on a range of topics and producing reports with European dimension, to mention in particular the work carried out on Eurobachelor and Euromaster frameworks and the associated quality labels and the EChemTest, the online chemistry tests for benchmarking.

The work of ECTN is organized in projects, since 1996: ECTN 1, ECTN 2, ECTN 3, ECTN 4, EC2E2N 1 and EC2E2N 2. Homepage EC2E2N

EC2E2N 2 is a consortium of 29 EU countries collaborating on the projects. Following the first EC2E2N project, the second 3 years project entitled:
EC2E2N-2 "Chemistry and Engineering Skills for Europe in 2020"
is going on from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2015.

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