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Starfish it is a knowledge network for and by educators. It is based on TPACK model. Starfish is open source and open content (based on creative commons licence). Starfish has an ambition to share the information which is interesting for higher education practitioners and designers from different institutions.

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Why Starfish?
Educators should be able to share, explore and connect.

There are a lot of educational innovations by fantastic educators (lecturers and trainers) and projects, but they often exist in isolation. Bringing their gained experience and expertise together will not only accelerate their progress, but also help supporting other teachers. And beyond discovering knowledge inside and outside of their faculty and institution, teachers should be able to discover other teachers with relevant experience that they can interact with.

How Starfish works? 
Embrace the versatility of information in its network habitat.

A collection of information multiplies in value when it can be organised in many different ways. The vast diversity of questions and vocabulary in the teacher community complicates a strict structuring of content in categories and subcategories. Everything ranging from people to events, good practices and projects forms a network of connections. We should take advantage of that network to help teachers explore and rediscover information they had yet to look for.


What is Starfish? Online network of people and their expertise. Innovating together.



Starfish is a network approach to knowledge sharing where a large variety of entities can be connected. Each entity, whether a person or a good practice, can be tagged according to the different aspects of teaching innovation (TPACK model). Based on those tags and on explicit links, added by humans and algorithms, a network emerges that can be entered at any location and continue to be explored from there. Because some information is only relevant to a faculty or an institution, subcommunities are supported to share and explore within a smaller portion of the network. 

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