Assessment evaluation report

Posted by @natasabrouwer on April 16, 2022, 2:19 p.m.


To show the quality of the assessment, an examiner evaluates (together with a peer reviewer):

  1. the assessment organization,
  2. the validity of the assessment,
  3. the reliability of the assessment,
  4. whether the assessment was clear to students,
  5. the percentage of passes for the assessment,
  6. whether special actions were needed for grading (for example: removal of questions, answer corrections, cut-off score corrections, etc.)
  7. if and how the assessment can be optimized for next year.

The above can be formalized by asking the peer reviewer to give response in the Format assessment evaluation report (in Dutch). The Examinations Board can ask for an assessment evaluation report to control the quality of the assessment.

Here is the format for the Assessment evaluation report MFS for Forensic Science. The examiner is asked to upload the completed file in Blackboard (unavailable for students) before publication of the grades. By copying Blackboard information for the next course the file can be reused by adding a new worksheet for the next cohort in the same document. In this way a history of information of assessment quality and optimalizations stays available.

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