Knowledge clips

Posted by @natasabrouwer on April 16, 2022, 2:19 p.m.


Knowledge clip is a short video or animation in which one single concept is explained. The length of a (typical) knowledge clip is between 1 and (max) 10 minutes.

Knowledge clips can be used in education in different ways, for example in Flipped classroom pedagogy.

Examples of uses:
- Students watch the knowledge clip before coming to the lecture. The precious time of the lecture is then invested more in dicussion and in achieving deeper understanding of the subject matter.
- The knowledge clips about difficult but basic concept can be watched on student's own pace
- The videos can be reused each year when the course is given or can even be shared by different courses.
- The students can refresh the fundamentals or their pre-knowledge any time when they are working on indivdual assignments or study for the exams.

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