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CURRICULUM VITAE (Katalin Várnagy)


1. Personal data:

Name: Katalin Várnagy

Date of birth: 2 December, 1961

Place of birth:            Tatabánya, Hungary


Marital status:            unmarried

Nationality: Hungarian

Address: University of Debrecen, H-4032 Debrecen, Hungary


2. Education:

            1976-80: Secondary Scool, Tatabánya

            1980-85: M.D.: Lajos Kossuth University (chemistry)

3. Diploms, degrees

            1985:   Diploms: Teacher of chemistry  and mathematics

            1996:   Diploms:German-Hungarian chemical translator

            1987:   Ph. D. Thesis Transition metal complexes of sulfur containing dipeptides

            1999:  Habilitation

            2014:  DSc (Chemistry)

4. Professional Experience:

            1985-92:         Junior research fellow, Lajos Kossuth University

            1992-2000:     Research fellow, University of  Debrecen (Lajos Kossuth University)

            2000-2016       Associate professor (University of Debrecen)

            2016-               Full professor (University of Debrecen)

5. Teaching activities:

            General, chemistry: laboratory practice, seminar

            Introduction in chemistry: lectures

            Inorganic and analytical chemistry: lectures, laboratory practice and seminars

            Bioinorganic chemistry: lectures

            Supervisor of undergraduate scientific researchers (33 students):

            Supervisor of diploma students (76 students)

            Supervisor of PhD students (10 student)

6. Current research interests:

Study of equlibrium and structure of transition metal (copper(II), nickel(II), zinc(II), cobalt(II), cadmium(II)) complexes of various bioligands, amino acids and peptides containing sulfur, carboxylate or imidazole groups. Solution equilibrium and electrochemical studies of metal complexes mimicking the active centre of metalloenzymes (e.g. SOD) and the metalloproteins playing role in the neurodegeneration.

7. Publications, invited lectures:

Chapter in book:        2

Proceeding:                3

In refereed journals:   80

Impact factor (sum): 220.620

Citation:                     1210

Hirch index:               28

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