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Motivation for this project

BRAVO = Biologie Research Absouluut door Vernieuwing en Oefening

The students in the Life Sciences programmes need knowledge and skills in mathematics and statistics for deep understanding of the biological content and to do research. On the other hand mathematics is for many students a difficult subject and the students have different knowledge gaps. This mean that support needs to be organized for these students. The growing numbers of students in Life Sciences it is difficult and very expensive to organize efficient support by the teaching staff. An online just-in-time practicing and testing system which provides instant feedback is needed to support non-mathematics students to hold their knowledge at level.


In this project interactive test based digital teaching, learning and practicing material is developed for the students to learn mathematics in a biomedical context and to prepare them for research based learning. 

The following learning support using IC technology is realized:

  • randomized, digital diagnostic test on knowledge and skills to fit the necessary brushing up on knowledge programme to the needs of each particular student
  • a short online brushing up on knowledge module composed of randomized digital assignments providing instant personal feedback to students in order to efficiently build, refresh knowledge and improve mathematics skills by practicing.  
  • an online introduction module on differential equations in the context of health and disease models
  • screencasts to explain the necessary tools (Excel, Geogebra applets en CellDesigner);
  • pencasts for individual students with explanations and work out of the examples

The course design which was realized in this project makes it possible for the students to get acquainted with the research based learning and get support in it. This way the students could improve mathematics knowledge and skills, programming in scientific calculation, and modelling skills in the context of human physiology.

Target group: third year students Biomedical sciences

Project leader: André Heck

Start project: September 2011

End project: October 2012

Funding: UvA ICTO fonts

Budget: 20.000 euro

Link to the material (in Dutch):

Download project report: BRAVO_Eindrapportage_format_ICTOfondsprojecten_(ronde_2011).pdf

Original author: André Heck
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