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Motivation for this project

It is not an easy task and it is time consuming to design high quality exams and pedagogically sound exam questions. The exam questions need to correspond the learning outcomes of the course. To give the students correct information about the requirenments of a course they need to have enough opportunity to work on the assignments/questions which are similar to those given on the exam. For one lecturer it is difficult to have enough old exam questions for practicing. Sharing old exam question in the group of lecturers at different institutions can be a solution.

Results - goals

The goal is an open exam questions application Tentamenlade to be used by the lecturers of the same course at different universities. This will save time of the lecturers and lead to more sustainability and due to discussions and exchange of experiences between the lectuers it will help to improve the quality of exam questions and exams. The environment of Tentamenlade is SOWISO.  

Tentamenlade2.5 is an continuation and upgrade of the Tentamenlade which was developed in January 2013.
See blog post Brouwer, N. “Eerstejaarsstudenten ontwerpen database voor onderwijsdoeleinden”, (2013) ICTOFNWI

Partner institutions: University of Amsterdam, Free University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, Leiden University 

Project leader: Natasa Brouwer (UvA)

Funding: SURF

Project period: September 2013 – April 2014

Budget: 21.000 euro

Download project proposal: Tentamenlade2 5_UvA_VU_UU_UL.pdf

Original author: Natasa Brouwer
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