Interactieve Bèta Leeromgeving (IBL)

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Motivation to start this project

Active learning is very important in science education. In science education experiment is an important element in constructing understanding. What is a suitable teaching model for science higer education?


In this project Utrecht University and University of Amsterdam collaborated on a development of a studio course education model and implemented it in 13 bachelor science courses. There is a publication (in Dutch) in which you can read about the studio course model, the design of the courses and experiences and the interviews with the lecturers who used studio course model into their teaching practice.

One of the important experiences of this project is:
"There is no "ready-to-use" educational  model which a lecturer has to apply to bring innovation in his or her teaching. The result is much better when an education model is tailored made implemented in teaching practice."

Partner institutions: Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam

Project leader: Marjon Engelbarts (project, UU), Natasa Brouwer (UvA)

Funding: SURF

Project period: September 2002 – December 2004

Download project publication: Interactief_betaonderwijs.pdf (in Dutch)

Original author: Natasa Brouwer
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