Surveillance on distance

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Motivation for this project

In regular university education programmes the summative digital assessments are not flexible yet. For safety reasons the digital exams are organized in special computer rooms. There is a high threshold to taking exams on BYOD. Nevertheless the need to make the summative digital assessment more flexible is high when assessments get more realistic and more open for students to use resources. There are also specific student situations such as illness in which surveillance on distance using proctor approach can create solutions.
This project tackles two situations:

  1. Individual student problem:
    1. illness, rehabilitation, disability
    2. traveling abroad (e.g. internship)
    3. visiting students
  2. Blended learning course
    1. realistic assessments when resources are allowed
    2. assessment using BYOD

The privacy and legal issues concerning proctoring need to be addressed and the institutional policy need to be created.

ProctorExam Demo from ProctorExam on Vimeo.


In this project Faculty of Science collaborates with ProctorExam using three different proctor applications:

  • ProctorExam Pro
  • ProctorExam Classic
  • ProctorExam Light

This project is a continuation of the work started in the Pre-master Information Studies.

Experiments will be done in which:

  • summatieve assessments will be felxibilized in different science programmes
  • scenarios and workflows will be described
  • recommendations about privacy and legal issues for policy makers
  • cost-benefit analysis
  • information and experiences exchange facilities on Starfish - community building
  • three best practices description: (a) individual students, (b) assessments with open resources in a computer room, (c) assessments on BYOD
  • publications
  • meetings

Project leader: Guusje Smit

Start project: 1 juli 2015

End project: 30 juni 2016

Funding: 25.000 euro; SURF, Innovatieregeling Digitaal toetsen voor Onderwijs op maat, 2015-2016 , Blogs


Downloads (project report or extra information): proposal

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