Lets Improve Our Assessment Competences (LIOAC)

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Motivation for this project (goals)

  • Increasing the quality of education by increasing the quality of the educational outcomes due to using better techniques of learning assessment and evaluation;
  • Improving the teachers’ awareness of the importance of assessment for acquiring better learning results;
  • Increasing teachers’ competencies on using alternative methods of assessment;
  • Making contributions to a safe transition from traditional alternative assessment and evaluation to the alternative ones;
  • Developing an international cooperation on educational subjects, mainly for assessment and evaluation.


  • 12 “nucleus- teachers” trained on the assessment and evaluation topic;
  • 180 cascade- trained teachers, 90 for each country, distributed on 3 subjects;
  • 10% of the partner schools’ students and at least 1 parent /class in each school who will all have awareness and knowledge on the modern assessment methods;
  • 2 training sessions of 20 hours each for the “nucleus- teachers”;
  • 2 cascade- training sessions of 20 hours/group/year;
  • 30 video sample evaluation lessons, 15 in each country consisting of 5 lessons for each group;
  • 3000 guide books in a trilingual digital format, 1000 for each subject. These are to include theoretical researches developed through the project activities and practical applications produced by working groups;
  • At least 90 students’ portfolios in each country resulted from their participation in the sample evaluation lessons;
  • Project logo and web page of the project

Project team is at the final report: 


Start project:  August 1, 2012

End project:  July 31, 2014

Funding: European Union Education and Youth Programmes/ Lifelong Learning Programme/ Comenius Regio Partnerships/ Turkish and Romanian National Agencies

Download the book produced out of the Project @


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