Faculty of Science Videostudio (FNWI Videostudio)

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Motivation for this project

There are more and more lecturers at the Faculty of Science who are interested in using knowledge clips in their teaching to activate learning. In large classes lecturers would like to keep small scale teaching approaches and diminisch traditional lectures. Knowledge clips can help to realise this. In the faculty building in Science Park a video studio is being built. This project is needed to be able to produce knowledge clips and to set up the studio as efficient as possible for the use of lecturers.


Photo: Lights in the new Video Studio in Science Park

This project will create an easy approachable way for the lecturers to produce knowledge clips at the location where they work and teach and to use the clips to activate learning within their courses. One of the targets of this project is to achieve the videostudio to become a standard facility at our faculty. In this project a small group of pilot lecturers will work on their projects producing knowledge clips and applying them in their daily teaching practice. Also all other Faculty of Science lecturers are most welcome to use this facility and get support (for a non commercial price). This project tends an efficient and sustainable way to produce knowledge clips by developing several standard formats with low costs but leading to high quality.

Project leader: Martijn Stegeman (IvI)

Start project: February 2016

End project: February 2017

Funding: 10.000 euro


Downloads (project report or extra information): Project proposal

Original author: Martijn Stegeman
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