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Project Title: DT.UNI.-Design Thinking Approach for an Interdisciplinary University
The main aim of the project is development of innovation in higher education institutions.

The overall objective of the project is to enhance the level of interdisciplinary at higher education institutions by using a bottom-up approach, i.e. supporting students, researchers, academics and management staff in developing their ability to think divergently, creatively, designery (according to design thinking approach). The project will enable students to adopt a „designerly” way of thinking and facilitate their shift from passive knowledge consumers to active producers of knowledge. The challenge is to accelerate and widen the exchange of skills and opinions of social science and humanities and creative people in general.


  1. Focus on improving high quality skills of students and teachers such as: creativity, adaptation to rapidly changing circumstances, teamwork, flexibility, ‘learning to learn’ competences, and improve perception on own capacity to solve problems.
  2. Supporting innovation and creativity.
  3. Promoting internationalisation, supporting changes in line with Bologna principles and tools.

The project combines two widely-appreciates and increasingly popular approaches:

  • Interdisciplinary education- explaining phenomenon, solving problem, or creating a product;
  • Design thinking – understood as a particular style of innovative problem solving,


- Best Interdisciplinarity-Enhancing Practices at Higher Education Institutions (e-Book, 2019), Download e-book

- Flyer about the e-book Best Interdisciplinarity-Enhancing Practices at Higher Education Institutions, Download flyer

Project leaders:The project is coordinated by UMCS (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland)

UvA partner: Faculty of Science, Institute of Informatics.
UvA Project team: Frank Nack, André Nusselder, Natasa Brouwer

Cooperating partners:

Start project: 1-09-2017

End project: 31-08-2020; extended due to COVID19 until 31-12-2020

Funding: EU, Erasmus+ project, Total funding

Website: http://www.umcs.pl/en/dtuni.htm

Downloads (project report or extra information):

Original author: Natasa Brouwer
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