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Posted by Natasa Brouwer, on Oct. 5, 2021, 3:04 p.m.



E-Learning Cookbook.
TPACK in Professional Development in Higher Education

Brouwer, N., Dekker, P., & van der Pol, J. (2013). E-learning cookbook. tpack in professional development in higher education. Amsterdam University Press.

Online education can reach more people nowadays and new and challenging learning experiences can be created with it. In the average university course the digital dimension too often remains limited to simply publishing the existing face-to-face course content online. Educational technology is often seen as an "extra", a luxury tool, and not as an integral and indispensable element of a university's teaching design. It is thus crucial that lecturers have and can obtain knowledge about how to design technology-enhanced teaching. Technical advances can be expected to continue in the future, and those who wish to implement educational technology in their own teaching practice must reckon on becoming lifelong learners. This fits the culture of academic teachers perfectly: they are already lifelong learners and creators of new knowledge within their discipline.

The E-Learning Cookbook is based on the notion that a lecturer who uses ICT in teaching must learn how to apply his or her knowledge about content, pedagogy and technology in an integrated manner. The idea of integrating these three types of knowledge is based on the TPACK model, which stands for Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge model. The research showed that redesigning courses with TPACK increases the pedagogically responsible use of techno­logy in education.

The e-Learning Cookbook provides recipes how to support lecturers in higher education to professionalize their skills in designing or redesigning courses with ICT using TPACK. The book provides instruc­tions, guidelines, tips and inspiration to enable its readers to get going in a practical sense.

The book is based on lessons learned from the MARCH ET SURF project and the application of TPACK at five Dutch Higher Education institutions.


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MARCH ET SURF project (website of the project).
Download material of the modules described in this book (study guide, literature, assignments)

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