STEEP: Supporting Technology Enhanced Education Projects

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Motivation for this project

The lecturers who are involved with ICT in teaching innovation projects are experts in their field but often do not have yet enough specific pedagogical knowledge or knowledge about educational technology to achieve an optimal result of a project for the teaching practice. Besides that an integration of pedagogical, technological and content knowledge is necessary for an optimal result. In the context of one project the professionalization in a specific direction needed. The available workshops of regular professional development programmes are mostly not enough content specific to professionalize lecturers who design teaching in the context of an innovation project in a life long learning situation. The knowledge and experiences of the lecturers and experiences of ICT and education innovation projects are not shared enough and there is also no suitable knowledge platform to do so.

Results - goals

  • In project STEEP a multi-annual plan was developed and the approach was worked out which will increase the qualty of the ICT and innovation of education projects and which will support and intensify sharing of the experiences.


    Scheme 1: The ICTO-FNWI method
  • The information system Starfish was designed to facilitate information and support professional development of lecturers and their collaboration about how to use ICT in teaching in their life long learning sitution.
    Scheme 2: Homepage of Starfish
    On Starfish the information and the manuals are shared which was produced in the innovation projects SmartVoting about the project Online Schakelen which were directly supported by the STEEP project. The ICT projects in the future will use the the STEEP framework to get support and Starfish to communicate the results.   
  • Collaboration with two ICT and education innovation projects (SmartVoting and Online Schakelen) as a proof of concept for support of innovation projects 
  • Online course Supervising students in distance learning
    An online course for the moderators in distance learning courses. According to the plan this course will be organized several times per year by the Centrum voor Nascholing Amsterdam.


    Scheme 3: Print screen of the online course Supervising students in distance learning in Blackboard as learning platform
Project leader: Natasa Brouwer (UvA) 
Start project: September 2012
End project: October 2013 (due to delay project finished in March 2014)
Funding: UvA ICTO fonds
Budget: 25.180 euro

Download project report as pdf: STEEP_eindrapportage_ICTOfonds2012-2013

Original author: Natasa Brouwer
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