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Faculty, University, Country


Challenge and goal



Topic of the user case

Local context (specific)

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Local CPD goals

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Needs defined in STEM-CPD Roadmap

1 frame the course in the context of the study programme
9 give prompt feedback and support students during learning
12 design laboratory courses

CPD activities at the local university


Teaching and learning materials



Sustainable implementation


Expected impact of the CPD User Case


Plans for eventual continuation of the CPD within the same topic


Constructive alignment, Competence teaching, Engagement and motivation, facilitation discipline specific learning (type P1-1, P1-2a, P1-3b)

This CPD scenario describes a User case in which lecturers develop their competence in sound course design and teaching in higher education and how to engage and motivate students and how to facilitate discipline specific thinking.
The approximate duration of a User case that follows this scenario is several days.
In this CPD scenario the participants are using a very short open online course, a micro mooc (╬╝mooc) and professionalize in a close connection to their own teaching practice (at their workplace) and meet in person on location with the training staff and with other participants.

Learning environment
Several days

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