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WebEx videoconferncing can be used for the group meetings from 2 to 25 people. WebEx can be reserved for different types of online meetings, such as:

  • discussions of a lecturers or coaches with individual students
  • discussions of the lecturer or moderator with a group of students
  • project meetings
  • job interviews
  • online collaboration meetings or appointments
  • guest speakers (lecture room)
  • etc.
In 2014-2015 (with continuation in 2016) the UvA WebEx is a pilot. For this pilot the UvA WebEx is limited to maximum 6 meetings at the same time. Also a reservation of the host key is necessary.


Prerequisites for all participants

  • Webcam
  • Audio (headset or microphone and speakers)
  • WebEx works on all platforms (Windows, Mac, tablets, smartphone)

How can you use WebEx virtual conferencing?

You can make a reservation to host a WebEx meeting by filling in the reservation form (see here below). The host receives after the reservation the "host key" and the link of the meeting. The host can invite the participants him/herself by sharing the link and the password of the particular meeting. It is also possible to let WebEx to invite the participants automatically. In the second case the participants will also get an e-mail reminder 15 minutes before the meeting. The participants don't need any account.

=> Downoad short manual Reclaim Host Role (use of Host Key)

=> Download short manual Join WebEx meeting which you could send to the participants of your meeting.

=> Download manual how to see the participants and the chat at the same time (in Dutch) Chat+Participants.

=> Download manual Host WebEx meeting if you have an UvA WebEx host account.

During the pilot the UvA WebEx pilot maximum 6 meetings (2-25 people each) can be hold at the same time. Also a reservation of the host key is necessary. Please use the reservation form!

UvA WebEx

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