Pilot WebEx Teams (June - August 2018)

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Motivation for this project

At the UvA WebEx is used already for several years for videomeetings and videoconferencing in education for distance learning modules and in research by different project teams. See in See Also.
Webex Teams is a new development of Cisco WebEx, an app that facilitates teamwork.

Target groups: WebEx Teams / WebEx is interesting for research or development project teams and for collaborative learning in courses. It can do more for you than Skype and it keeps the data safe and separated from your private life.

Join the pilot

In this pilot project WebEx Teams will be tested in different collaboration situations. Welcome to apply to collaborate in WebEx Teams pilot and help to test as many as possible cases!
You can request an accout for the demo platform. To get the account you need to use your UvA e-mail address.

Fill in the following form to request a WebEx Teams host account:
=> FORM REQUEST PILOT HOST ACCOUNT  - this possibility is now closed! => For Webex host account go to Webex platform UvA-Science

The account works for two different services: WebEx Teams and WebEx Videoconferencing. Find here a manual how to start working with WebEx Teams / WebEx when you get the account:
=> Manual for WebEx Teams Hosts: Download manual Hosts WebEx Teams - WebEx.

At this moment the UvA demo platform has two separate functionalities that you can use with one account:
(1) WebEx Teams: meeting and collaborating with your team in a Team Space using videoconferencing without the possibility for recording.
=> Download Manual WebEx Teams members

(2) WebEx: meeting for a single videoconference with whoever you wish to invite by sending an e-mail or the link of the meeting. See information in See Also (=> Videoconferencing using WebEx at UvA)
=> Manual Join Webex Meeting

=> Manual WebEx Board UvA

Cisco is working on it to fully integrate these two functionalities.

Features of WebEx Teams

  • team (rooms)
  • team video meetings
  • instant person-to-person video calls
  • group messaging
  • person to person messaging
  • white boarding
  • file sharing
  • add integrations (apps)
  • notifications
  • WebEx Teams interactive board
  • meetings in WebEx Teams cannot be recorded yet. 

Features of WebEx

  • Meetig center: WebEx videoconferencing
  • Event center: webinars
  • WebEx meetings can be video-recorded.


- Description of use cases, manuals and tips. Recommendation about the use of WebEx Teams at the UvA.
- Licence uva-science Webex platform => see link in See Also

Project team: FNWI

Start project: June 2018

End project: September 2018

Funding: Thanks to Cisco Amsterdam a large Demo WebEx Teams platform can be used for 90 days for free including one WebEx Teams interactive board to test.


Downloads (project report or extra information):

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