AI tools in lectures

Posted by Helena Nogueira, on Oct. 16, 2023, 6:34 p.m.

Helena Nogueira

University of Aveiro, Portugal

Challenge and goal:

AI is definitly in use by the students, but not always in the best way. Many issues can be brought on the subject, including ethical problems. The challenge is to help students to use AI in a better and acceptable way.

AI has not been used by many teachers, so they need to be aware of its potential and drawbacks. Providing teachers with AI tools that can assist in teaching is also a challenge.

The goal is to develop AI-based teaching and learning tools that are specifically tailored for theoretical classes.

Topic of the user case:

 Adapting AI tools to lectures, covering specific class aspects, from both the teacher's and student's perspectives, to implement collaborative teaching and learning.

Local context (specific)

University of Aveiro, Portugal. Chemistry-based first degrees.

Using the Inorganic Chemistry course to define the subjects involved. Application to other subjects.

Local CPD goals

Introduction of new pedagogical approaches (TPACK framework approach, flliped classroom, constructive alignment).

Use of online tools and other computer applications that involve AI.

Awareness of AI. Use of AI tools from both the teacher's and student's perspectives. Application to lectures and lecture preparation. Application to student's preparation of subjects, writing and work presentation.

Needs defined in STEM-CPD Roadmap


CPD activities at the local university

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Teaching and learning materials

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Sustainable implementation


Expected impact of the CPD User Case

Boost the enthusiasm of both teachers and students in their work.

Plans for eventual continuation of the CPD within the same topic


Learning environment

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